Ultra Pure Gases

99,996 %

Sometimes even the slightest amount of impurities can cause problems. That is when you will need high purity gases.
The purity in gases is normally expressed by combining the purity unit N with a figure, for instance N46. This means that the percentage value, 99,996 %. That indicates the purity of gas, has four nines (9) and ends with number six (6).

We supply the following Ultra pure gases:

  • Ammonia, NH3
  • Argon, Ar
  • Acetylene, C2H2
  • Nitrous oxide, N2O
  • Ethylene, C2H4
  • Oxygen, O2
  • Helium, He
  • Carbon dioxide, CO2
  • Carbon monoxide, CO
  • Methane, CH4
  • Propane, C3H8
  • Sulfur hexafluoride, SF6
  • Synthetic air, 20.9 % O2 + N2
  • Nitrogen, N2
  • Hydrogen, H2

The following table lists the most typical purity classes with total impurity content

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