BIP Gases

Developed to replace products of N60 grade or higher purity

The BIP gases we supply were developed to replace products of N60 grade or higher purity grade and their exceptionally high purity grade makes them globally unique. BIP gases have the unbeatable benefit of containing 10–25 times lower levels of oxygen and moisture, the most significant impurities for most applications.
From us, you can get BIP- and BIP+ gases in 50 and 10 litre cylinders. We provide the following gases:

  • Nitrogen, N2

  • Helium, He

  • Argon, Ar

  • Hydrogen, H2

(BIP- corresponds to N60 grade, BIP+ corresponds to N67 grade)

BIP technology is based on a self-contained purification system, which brings with it several physical and chemical advantages. The result is reliable ultrapure BIP quality, which means no external in- linepurifiers are necessary.
BIP gases are a cost-efficient solution for demanding applications as they are less costly to produce than other similar ultrapure products. BIP gases have been used with excellent results in a wide range of applications, including gas chromatography and welding of alloyed specialist steels, in which a good welding performance depends on a low oxygen concentration.

BIP® Cylinder Valve and Purifier design

BIP® Cylinder Valve and Purifier design

Comparison FID chromatograms of methanol blank, direct injection, same instrument – BIP® Helium gas and conventional Helium gas

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