Pressure Regulators

Regulator No 1

Pressure Regulators K 98

  • Valve body and cover made of high-quality pressed brass. Sensitive adjustment of working pressure. Safety valve blows off upwards.
  • Pre-pressure 200 bar.

Type: Technical gases.

Regulator No 2

High-quality pressure regulators and gas manifolds

Equipment of exceptional quality is required for the handling of specialty gases to guarantee that these gases retain their high quality from packaging to use.

WSG equipment range offers pressure regulators, gas manifolds and point-of-use regulators manufactured to the highest specification, making them ideal for demanding applications such as laboratories. The range consists of top-notch equipment with a precise control system, ensuring that gas can always be used at a stable, controlled flow rate and pressure.

The WSG range mainly comes with a leak-tightness class of 1×10-8 mbar l/s He, making them suitable for gases of purity grade N60, translating into a purity level of 99.9999%.
Contact us if you need equipment for gases of even higher purity and we will find a solution for you.

Regulator No 3

This pressure regulator has the same construction as Art. Nr. 5100.
Modifications to both spring and cover permit working pressures up to 60 bar.

Type: Screw connector for cylinder
Outlet: Threaded connector 3/8′, 1/4′, 1/2′
Gases: AR, C, DL, HE, N, O, H

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